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Get out of your comfort zone and discover opportunities that you did not even suspect they existed.
Face-to-face learning from colleagues, peers, experts and researchers is so much more fascinating than attending yet another training.


Share your ideas, knowledge and experience by working on a joint challenge with your colleagues.


Turn your idea into a new strategy, product, service, space or business model, together with your colleagues and stakeholders!

Adventurers on a mission

"The Argonauts" refers to the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. To secure his kingship, Jason gathered 49 Argonauts and set out on his ship the Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. On their journey they faced several challenges and many dangers. To tackle these, they had gathered all the necessary talents (politicians, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians,…) on board of the Argo and they succeeded in their mission by working together!  

At The Argonauts, we are "adventurers on a quest": with a mission in mind, we collaborate to conquer the thoughest of challenges and complete the most complex (customer) journeys. Are you providing us with our next mission or joining our fleet as a colleague? We are still looking to diversify our team and the challenges we take on, so if you’re different, we want you 


Leonie Levrouw

'Towards creative problem-solving for people, planet & profit'

Leonie is a strategic service designer from TU Delft's Corporate Innovation team, where she guides creative sessions for social impact with TUDelft's key stakeholders. She also helps start-ups and incubators to develop and 'brand' their product or service through co-creation. Design research, a targeted strategy, user-centered design and communication play the main roles in this.



Emely Buyck

‘Observation without judgement is the key to true empathy & human connection’

Emely has been completely devoted to human- and lifecentric design for several years. She loves solving complex problems and is intrigued by psychology and human behavior. Finding out what drives people to help them become the best version of themselves is what energizes her. A good dose of humor and self-deprecating humor complete the cocktail.



Joost Thurman

'Every day holds an opportunity to reshape the world a bit'

Joost Thurman founded The Argonauts in 2016 after an international career in marketing, business development and innovation at companies such as CRH and Bekaert. Since then, he has guided governments, SMEs and large corporations through their strategic and innovation challenges. He regularly gives keynotes around trends and innovation at different forums.



Carley Hamaway

'Keep innovating! If you settle for less, you miss out on more'

Carley has a specialization in space and service design. He was project coordinator Service Design at Thomas More Hogeschool and worked as Venture Analyst at Bundl. At The Argonauts he puts his talent as a creative jack-of-all-trades to full use on co-creation projects for companies and governments. He is a system creative and super handy with video and multimedia.



Saar Vande Kerckhove

‘A wide view broadens the mind’

Saar has an education in Industrial Design and specialization in space and service design. Hereby she gained relevant experience in various participation and service design projects. She has a preference for Design Research and co-creation. She enjoys working on ambitious, complex and groundbreaking projects. At The Argonauts Saar works on various participation, co-creation and service design projects for local governments, government and businesses.



Mark De Colvenaer

Follow your heart but take your brain with you!

Mark is a highly skilled expert in innovation and business development, specializing in high-tech and ICT solutions for societal challenges. He has provided consulting and management services to both small and large tech companies. From 1997 to 2009, he served as a guest professor at the University College Ghent and was a board member of the European Network of Living Labs. Currently, he focuses on creating value models by combining key enabling technologies for sustainability, healthcare, and urban areas. He has a strong network within the European Innovation Ecosystem.

Grisha Verlinden

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’

Innovation as a service' is the passion of our business & service designer Grisha. In his own clear and empathic way he guides training, design sprints, service design and co-creation projects like no other with attention for every stakeholder in the process. He has worked for clients such as VDAB, J&J, Luminus, A-Kwadraat, the Flemish and Federal Government, Flanders Investment & Trade, Recupel and Agoria.



Witse Beyers

‘We as designers do not see problems but opportunities’

Witse is a young business and service designer as well as a creative and sophisticated graphic talent. As an intern - service designer at The Argonauts she quickly grew into a consummate professional on service design projects for local governments and businesses. She always finishes her assignments to perfection!


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Joining forces

As a first step to diversify our team, we have joined the IDEA Group. Four organisations with complementary skill sets and perspectives have come together to be able to tackle more diverse and interconnected challenges. Within this group, we have the opportunity to compose the right team and process tailored to your challenge. 

Within the IDEA Group, IDEA Consult, MONDEA, Value Partners and The Argonauts support clients in analysis, policy and concept development, implementation and in-house management. In this way, as the IDEA Group, we offer a complete range of services for boards and organizations.