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One of the most important tasks of an entrepreneur is to deal with the uncertainty of the future. Technologies change and people's expectations and needs evolve at a rapid pace. So, to be successful today, you need a flexible and creative mindset. With our business design trajectories, we use design and creative tools within the development of a company.

It is a discipline that brings together analysts and strategists with the mindset of a designer. A business designer will use this mindset to tackle strategic challenges within the market. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves in a business design process: we analyse the internal functioning of the company, the underlying processes and the value propositions that are offered. Joost Thurman, the co-founder of The Argonauts and business strategist, shares his insights with us:


Joost Thurman

A person wearing glasses Description automatically generated with low confidence'The design thinking methods we use can be useful for the operation of a business in different ways. The challenges are therefore extremely diverse: a need for more bottom-up innovation, unclear strategy and positioning, lack of insight into the competitors in the market... Each challenge must be tackled in a unique way. What is universal in our approach though is the co-creative aspect. A company cannot develop successfully when management decides everything. It must also dare to connect with every stakeholder to write a story in which experts, partners, customers, end users and other stakeholders are involved.

A good business designer...

  1. Is human centered in their approach
  2. Will always see uncertainty as an opportunity
  3. Should look for solutions that are supported by every part of the organization
For our clients, we develop business design trajectories that are completely unique. Inspiration sessions, short webinars, focus groups, future labs to explore uncertainty, full design sprints... They are all good methods to use in order to develop a sustainable future for your organization!
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